Saturday, 4 March 2017

Solidarity operation succeeded for the transfer of samir Torchiat abroad ...

The mobilization of the inhabitants of the wilaya of Béjaïa to give the opportunity for a young father of family suffering from cirrhosis of hepatitis to an advanced stage to move abroad to be operated in urgency was a success.

On the morning of Friday, March 3, Samir Torchiat left the CHU Mustapha Bacha where he was hospitalized in the direction of the international airport of Algiers to take his flight to Turkey where he must undergo a liver transplant, We learned. CNAS "The National Fund for Social Security workers"   had refused to take charge of his case.

Samir will probably do some exams before the operation. The dealer and his wife will join him tomorrow in Istanbul.

Numerous inhabitants of the region mobilized during ten days to collect the sum necessary for the operation of Samir Torchiat. They were able to collect more than two billion centimes, the mobilization day and night by hundreds of volunteers and thousands of donors ended up restoring hope to the patient, his family and all those who have solidarized with him.

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