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Emmanuel Macron "elements of civilization" in the colonization of Algeria

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In an interview granted to the Point the founder of the movement "In march" and candidate for the presidential election of 2017 affirmed that the French colonization in Algeria had created a state, and a middle class. Macron sees colonization as "barbarisms and elements of civilization." "Yes, in Algeria, there has been torture, but also the emergence of a state, of wealth, of the middle classes. Reality of colonization. There were elements of civilization and elements of barbarism. "

Algerian archives and wooden artworks often served as a burning fire for military campfires. The methods used by the French army were generally brutal, as testified by Lieutenant-Colonel Lucien-François de Montagnac, an officer during the conquest of Algeria (Letters of a Soldier, March 15, 1843):

An officer during the conquest of Algeria, Lieutenant-Colonel de Montagnac wrote to Philippeville on March 15, 1843: "All populations who do not accept our conditions must be razed. Everything must be taken, sacked, without distinction of age or sex: the grass must not grow where the French army has set foot. Whoever wants the end wants the means, whatever our philanthropists say.
 All the good soldiers whom I have the honor to command are warned by myself that if they happen to bring me a living Arab, they will receive a volley of blows from a saber-plate. [...] Behold, my good friend, how it is necessary to make war against the Arabs: to kill all men up to the age of fifteen, to take all women and children, to load the buildings, Marquesas Islands or elsewhere. In a word, to annihilate all that will not crawl at our feet like dogs. "

Watch the Civilization of France:

The French engaged in bacteriological warfare by poisoning wells, not to mention the systematic destruction of crops. General Thomas-Robert Bugeaud (1784-1849), for example, systematically organized the massacre of civil populations by enclosing people in caves in order to gase them by smoking them. He even boasted of seeking to exterminate the Arabs: "It is war that continues until extermination ... The Arab must be smoked!" In reality, only four or five "smokes" would have been recorded; They would have been spread over a period of five years.
Nevertheless, whole Arab and Berber tribes were wiped off the map. While the Algerian population was estimated at some three million in 1830, there were no more than two million in 1845. Today, one would not hesitate to talk about a form of genocide. In 1843, General Bugeaud received the great cross of the Legion of Honor, and was made marshal of France as a reward for his loyal services. This kind of national recognition was not invented by the French; Other imperialist powers, especially among the British, have also practiced it on a large scale.
The existence of an Algerian state with all its components before the French occupation "is a historical truth established and supported by authenticated proofs and documents"

The French occupation of Algeria in 1830 constituted "an aggression of one State against another, for Algeria was at the time a state with all its components contrary to the assertions of France."

As proof, the Director General of the National Archives will cite the hundred or so agreements and agreements concluded by Algeria from 1600 to 1830 with major countries such as Great Britain, the United States and Germany, 79 of which with France, That these agreements constituted "legal proof that Algeria was at that time a sovereign State".

The rate of illiteracy contained 14% before 1830. The figure galloped to 94% in 1948 therefore in the time of civilized France. Before colonization there was in every country of deep Algeria a school.

Mr. Macron Originally, the purpose of the conquest of Algeria was to make only the treasures and capture the immense wealth of Algeria.

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