Thursday, 8 December 2016

Quality of education: Algeria ranks 69th in the world ranking

Out of a total of 72 countries that participated in the Pisa survey, Algeria ranks 69th in front of Kosovo and the Dominican Republic while Singapore has retained its first place in the world ...
PISA evaluates the "knowledge and essential skills" of 15-year-olds every three years in the world, enabling them to participate fully in the life of our modern societies.

Only 0.1% of Algerian pupils are "very good performers" in science, mathematics and reading comprehension, according to figures from the 2015 edition of the report of the Organization for International Student Assessment (PISA). Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).
Education is also lagging behind in mathematics teaching, as its 360-point score is still far below the average of 490. Figures recalling the results of the Algerian High School Council Mathematics at the secondary level in July 2015, where only 10% of pupils were classified as "good" and 70% as "weak".
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After this little observation or report deduces that: teaching in Algeria is in a catastrophic state

1 / the level of teachers is very low at all levels

2 / This profession has become purely commercial.

3 / The State exercises no control over this sector, the inspectors and the directors are only organic posts, themselves do not have the required level.

The Algerian school has never been to this low level once all the students opted for the  scientific subjects rare who choose letters. So the answer is in the school system and those who run it.

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