Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Bachagha Bengana invited to Algerian public television...

Canal Algeria a public television invited Ferial Furon, great granddaughter of Bachagha Bengana, on the morning program "Bonjour d'Algérie" on Tuesday February 21st to promote her essay on the sinister Bachagha Bengana i dont want to mention the title of this book, published in France. This invitation on the part of state television arouses great controversy in Algeria.

M'Hamed Ben Bouaziz Bengana had rallied France in 1839 as chief of tribes in the regions of Biskra, Batna and Hodna, two years after the capture of Constantine by the French colonial troops. It bears the title of "Sheikh el arab" given by the last Bey of Constantine, Ahmed Bey.

The Ottomans had dismissed, at the time, Ferhat Ben Bouakkaz, true Sheikh El Arab of the Ziban, after being designated khalifa of Biskra by the Emir Abdelkader. Bouaziz Bengana was also appointed military chief by General Sylvain Charles Valée, Governor-General of Algeria between 1837 and 1840, known for his expeditious methods (he had betrayed in particular the Treaty of Tafna signed between Emir Abdelkader and General Bugeaud In 1837).

This Bachagha Bengana cut the ears of the Algerian resistance to which he was ambushed with his goumiers. Then he piled them in cribs, which he then handed over to the French officials, against hard cash. He was honored with small trifles for invaluable services rendered to colonial France. Bengana sent to General Negrier the seal, ears and beard of the warlord Farhat Bensaid, who was drawn into a trap with the Oulad-Djellal. The son of Farhat Bensaïd, Ali-Bey, who had escaped the blows of Bou-Azid, allied with Bengana and the French, overwhelmed by the event, went to General Sillègue in Setif. Another time, a member of the family, Khaled Bengana, who had "gallantly" led in a bloody repression against Algerian insurgents, presented to the general as supporting documents, two standards (the third had been torn by his goumiers ) And bags containing 900 ears cut to the bodies. The commander of Constantine, who did not ask so much from the Bengana, moved by so much zeal, sent the Governor a laudatory report on the affair. On the occasion of the feast of the king (celebrated on May 1), General Galbois went to the Bengana and was received at the sound of the salvos fired with the cannons recovered on the battlefield. The guns were then handed to him. Are they in the Invalides, in Paris? A magnificent pomp and staging was unfolded on occasion, the organization of which was attributed to Ismael Urbain. On this occasion Bengana received the officer's cross and a gratuity of 45,000 francs, as salaries from which the sums paid from his pocket to his goumiers were taken. The Bengana and their goumiers invested the Zaatchas with the troops of General Herbillon, the head of Bouziane and that of his lieutenant Si Moussa Al-Darkaoui appear among their sordid booty. The National Museum of Natural History in Paris holds an unidentified ear, a piece of blackened flesh, cataloged among mummified heads and skulls, in an official register, in France, country of human rights, in the XXIst century century.

This Ferial Furon, is a doctor in pharmacy and founder and president of the association FARR (Franco-Algerian Republicans Rassembled). Having grown up in Algiers and studied at the French high school Descartes, she studied at the René Descartes University in Paris. Passionately Parisian, she lives and works in the French capital. So what is Algerian in this Feriel Furon ... ???? And how this Ferial Furon was invited by Canal Algeria and why? And this just after the celebration of the day of the chahid. And how does a public media participate in the rehabilitation and glorification of a man and a family who greatly participated in the colonial work by killing the Algerians and assuming his actions ... ???

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