Sunday, 29 January 2017

A big tree collapse on cars in Ben Aknoun .

A large pine has collapsed this morning in Ben Aknoun, on the heights of Algiers, blocking the road leading to the city center and damaging two tourist vehicles without causing casualties, it was learned from the civil protection. No casualties were reported among passengers in two vehicles, said the same source who said that a 45-year-old woman in shock was taken to the hospital.

The civil protection services, accompanied by the services of the Ben Aknoun district and the agents of the company for the development of green spaces in the wilaya of Algiers, rushed to the place equipped with the necessary instruments to cut the tree And unclog the road.

According to Lieutenant Ben Khalfallah, the fall was due to the age of the tree which had reached a height of 10m which made it fragile and which eventually yielded to the force of the winds, but the speed of the wind this Saturday was not too strong???

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