Friday, 6 January 2017

The Algerian National Theater Mahieddine Bachtarzi in Algiers Center...

The building was inaugurated on September 29, 1853 as an opera after three years of work from May 1850 to September 1853. It is the work of the French architect Chassériau and the architect Toulon Ponsard who built it in A neo-baroque style.

comme au bon vieux temps!

The opera was built on the grounds of an old barracks of the Turkish guards. The site contained many buildings belonging to the sultan including his palace, a mosque, a harem and a garden.

In 1882, the opera of Algiers was ravaged by a fire which completely destroyed it, only the outer walls were spared.

The opera was rebuilt and enlarged with the work of the architect Oudot.

Programme d'aujourd'hui Vendredi 06 janvier 2017 18H00 salle "Mustapha Kateb" T.N.A à 18h00

Nowadays, the Algerian national theater has hosted world-renowned troops such as the Bolochoi
artistic troupe, the Peking Opera, the Japanese and Chinese theaters, the Piccolo Theater in Milan, the Symphonic Orchestras, the national troops of Syria, Of Egypt ...

The central building of the TNA is an area of 8467 m² of which 6411 m² of useful space on 8 floors with a capacity of 750 places.

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