Saturday, 21 January 2017

Launch of the first Algerian SMUR

ORAN- The first Algerian mobile emergency and resuscitation service (SMUR) was recently launched at the EHU in Oran, with a team of emergency doctors, the coordinators of the SMUR Oran project said on Saturday.

Interviewed on the sidelines of the 1st international congress on medical and surgical emergencies, opened Saturday at the EHU "1st November" in Oran from 21 to 22 January, Professor Douniazed Badsi, head of neurology and coordinator of the project SMUR Oran, Launched on January 5, 2017, said that the sixteen 6 emergency doctors trained to manage the service have the simple status of general practitioners.

Emergency medicine is not a full-fledged specialty in Algeria, unlike many countries where practitioners practicing in medical and surgical emergencies have the opportunity to evolve as emergency physicians specialists, It is specified.

In this sense, a request was sent to the Ministry of Health, in particular after the launch of the new SMUR and the training of sixteen doctors of the EHU of Oran by the Parisian SMUR, stressed Dr. Badsi, adding that the tutelage Promised to look into the matter.

Thus, the first Algerian SMUR was launched, after a few months devoted to the training of the medical team (16 emergency doctors) and paramedics (4 nurses and two paramedics), by a Parisian SMUR team under a convention Signed with the APHP (Public Assistance of hospitals of Paris).

The ORAN SMUR will take care of medical emergencies related to various pathologies: cardiovascular, respiratory and neuro-vascular etc. Which is able to reduce morbidity and mortality, linked in particular with a delayed management of the emergency.

This new service can be contacted via a fixed telephone number, namely 041 70 51 04, pending the assignment of a three- or four-digit toll-free number.

The intervention of the care teams, which begins at the patient's home to reduce the intervention time, transfer it under correct conditions, rapidly join the appropriate service at the facility, optimize the chances of saving the patient .

An ambulance is already operational since the launch of the service, awaiting the receipt of a second commanded for some time, said Dr. Badsi adding that a dozen cases in summer taken care of since January 5.

Of the ten cases, only one death was recorded, while 9 lives were saved due to the rapid management of patients with cardiac arrest, neurological (stroke and parkinson) and respiratory problems (Acute respiratory failure).

The ORAN SMUR is part of the State's policy for the development of emergency medicine, Professor Mohamed Boubekeur, Head of General Surgery at the EHUO, pointed out that The new service must be developed, notably with the acquisition of two new ambulances, which will bring the overall number to 4, and the training of new medical and paramedical teams in the near future.

A mobile emergency and resuscitation unit (SMUR) is a hospital service with one or more ambulances, with a medical team able to provide urgent medical care outside the hospital compound.

These doctors may also be called upon to participate in transport between hospitals (secondary transport) when a patient requires intensive care or medical supervision during the journey, the same source said.

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